“BCCI Empowered to Reassess Impact Player Rule Following IPL 2024: Jay Shah”

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has affirmed the board’s willingness to reexamine the controversial ‘Impact Player’ regulation within the Indian Premier League (IPL). A verdict on the matter is anticipated post the conclusion of the T20 World Cup.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has expressed openness to reviewing the ‘Impact Player’ rule, which has sparked division during IPL 2024, acknowledging its experimental nature. The rule’s influence is evident in this season, with teams surpassing the 250-run mark eight times already. Concerns raised by players, coaches, and analysts highlight the rule’s implications for bowlers, contending that it elongates batting lineups for teams.

During an exclusive media interaction at the BCCI office, India captain Rohit Sharma voiced concerns about the ‘Impact Player’ rule, noting its adverse effect on all-rounders by limiting their bowling opportunities. Sharma acknowledged the rule’s experimental nature, highlighting its positive aspect of offering additional playing opportunities to two Indian players. He emphasized the importance of fostering competition in the game, despite the challenges posed by the rule.

“Reviewing the Impact Player Rule: BCCI’s Post-T20 World Cup Agenda”

Shah indicated that a collective discussion among all stakeholders would ensue, likely following the conclusion of the T20 World Cup. “If players express dissatisfaction, we will address their concerns. However, no objections have been raised thus far. Following both the IPL and the World Cup, deliberations will occur,” he stated. “Post the World Cup, consultations with players, franchises, and broadcasters will shape our next steps. This rule isn’t set in stone, nor are we committed to retaining it,” he emphasized.

“Jay Shah: IPL Crucial Preparation Ground for India’s T20 World Cup Squad”

Jay Shah asserted that Indian players bound for the T20 World Cup in the Caribbean and the United States, currently engaged in the IPL, don’t necessitate rest as the tournament serves as optimal preparation for the mega event. “Why consider resting players? This essentially acts as a practice session; there’s no better opportunity for preparation,” Shah emphasized.

“In front of you, there’s a cosmopolitan team: one with a bowler from New Zealand, another with a bowler from Australia, and the next with a bowler from Sri Lanka,” Shah remarked. He believes the IPL serves as the perfect platform for Indian players to gear up for the World Cup, citing the opportunity for players like Jasprit Bumrah to face formidable opponents like Travis Head in advance. “By resting a bowler, we deprive him of the chance to bowl at Travis Head. When (Jasprit) Bumrah faces Travis Head, he’ll gain insights into how to approach him. There’s no better opportunity than this,” he emphasized.

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