SRK Wins Hearts After Hugging to Jos, KKR vs RR IPL 2024

On April 16, SRK present in the Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) face off in an exciting last-ball match at Eden Gardens. Disappointing the home audience, the Royals stole victory in the last ball of the clash between the table-toppers. – Watch here

Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of KKR, gave an embrace to Jos Buttler after the game, who was largely responsible for Kolkata’s defeat. With Buttler hitting an undefeated 107 off 60 balls, the Royals were able to win and solidify their lead in the points standings.
Social media users were moved by Khan’s considerate gesture towards Buttler during the IPL match. People on social media circulated the video of SRK making the gesture, praising him for being “the most humble superstar in India.” To it, someone else commented, “Not just in India but all over the world.”

A user shared that when Buttler hit the winning run, Shah Rukh cheered Rajasthan. The user went on, “Shahrukh Khan is not just the owner of KKR; he is a great cricketer.”

After the match, Khan was spotted applauding the KKR players even though they had put 223 runs on the board in just 20 overs. SRK may be heard motivating his teammates in a KKR video that was released.
“There are times in our lives—especially in sports—when we don’t deserve to lose. And sometimes we don’t deserve to win,” he adds, grinning mischievously, in the video.

We didn’t deserve to lose today. We all played really well together. We need to feel incredibly proud of who we are. He encourages the cricketers, “Please don’t feel depressed or hopeless.
He then turns to face his instructor, Gautam Gambhir, and says, “GG, you’re not depressed.” We would be returning the favor.” Gambhir is seen grinning as SRK continues to inspire the KKR teammates.

In Jos Buttler’s biography SRK

Days after Jos Buttler was questioned about which Bollywood star should play his biography, SRK made this gesture. Without missing a beat, Buttler uttered the name “Shah Rukh Khan.” “Yes, we love Shah Rukh Khan,” was the response from Trent Boult, the person posing the question to him.

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