Vinesh Phogat on the Olympic Qualifiers’ questions on coaching the star wrestlers what confusion is beheading

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat said that the lack of accreditation for her personal coach and physiotherapist for the Asian Olympic qualification competition in Bishkek later this month was impeding her attempt to qualify for the Paris Olympics. Vinesh Phogat hopes to qualify for the Olympics in the 50 kg division.

Vinesh Phoghat posted on X that, “despite repeated requests I am not getting any concrete answer from anywhere.”

“The Asian Olympic qualifying tournament is going to start on 19th April. For the past one month, I have been requesting the Government of India (SAI, TOPS) for the accreditation of my coach and physio to accompany me to the competition area. But despite repeated requests, I am not getting any concrete answer from anywhere. No one is ready to help,” Vinesh Phoghat posted.

What confusion is here, Vinesh Phogat Questions

The Sports Authority of India released a statement stating that although Vinesh had not submitted a formal request for accreditation, the Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) on April 4 had accepted a request Vinesh had made the day before for her coach, physiotherapist, and sparring partner to go to Bishkek. The statement stated that the WFI was in charge of timely entry submission.

March 21 was the deadline that United World Wrestling set for entries. According to a source, on March 18, Vinesh Phogat sent emails to the now-dissolved ad hoc group and the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS).

“There hasn’t been any written request from Vinesh Phogat regarding the accreditation. MOC in its meeting dated April 4 approved the proposal received from Vinesh on April 3 for being accompanied by – Ashwini Patil (physio), Woller Akos (coach), Arvind Kumar (sparring partner) — for the Asian Olympic Qualifiers in Kyrgyzstan starting from April 19. It may be noted that the last date for submission of entries was March 21 and any modification can be done upon the request by the WFI to UWW,” the SAI statement said.

According to a WFI official, the Indian squad that traveled to Bishkek consisted of three coaches for men’s freestyle, three for Greco-Roman, and three for women, as well as one female and two male physios. The official verified that Vinesh phogat trainer, physical therapist, and sparring partner were not officially on the team as of Friday.

“One physiotherapist and five female wrestlers from India are competing in the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament.” Why should one wrestler travel with their own personal trainer or physiotherapist? Furthermore, the official stated that the WFI had sent the entries after having them approved by the sports ministry and SAI.

SAI countered that the federation was the only entity obligated to provide entries, claiming that the WFI did not disclose the roster of wrestlers and support personnel.

Since WFI is an NSF (National Sports Federation), athletes’ entries are sent directly to the UWW portal via “Athena.” As a result, no list was shared prior to the entries being submitted. The deadline for NOC submissions was March 21. WFI, on the other hand, submitted a revised plan on April 1 and a proposal for financial support on March 22. The proposal from Vinesh Phogat was received on the same day that SAI issued the sanction for the competition.

However, considering the deadline was March 22 for SAI’s initial proposal and April 3 for Vinesh Phogat’s, WFI would have already filed the entries on the UWW portal given the last date was March 21. The NSF chooses the athletes, coaches, and support personnel for every international competition,” the SAI statement continued. Vinesh also claimed in the post on X that there may be a plot to tamper with her drink in order to snare her in the drug net, and she accused the current and former WFI presidents of obstructing her journey to the Paris Olympics. “Sanjay Singh, Brij Bhusan’s deputy, is attempting to prevent me from competing in the Olympics.”

Since every coach that has been chosen to the squad is a favorite of Brij Bhushan’s and his group, it is inevitable that they will add something to the water and force me to drink it while I play. If I say that there could be a conspiracy to trap me in doping, then it will not be wrong… Will we face politics even before we go to play for the country because we raised our voice against sexual harassment?” Vinesh Phoghat posted on X.

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