MyGame Sports Open Badminton Tournament Heats Up in Gurgaon

It’s time to gather all the badminton fans of Gurgaon! Let’s gear up for an epic weekend as we display our skills and win prizes at the MyGame Sports Badminton Open Tournament, this coming 12th-14th of April.

The MyGame Sports Open Badminton Tournament, Gurgaon, opens up the weekend of competition and fun for badminton players of all levels of expertise. This article overviews the competition, its categories, prizes, and what it has done to enhance the game. For updated news and information about badminton, always remember to tune in to SportXPlus.

The tournament features contests suitable for players of different calibers. The categories consist of Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. It is of no importance whether you are a pro player or a person who just wants to play for fun because there is a category for everyone.

Attractive Cash Rewards and High-Paying Career Incentives

The tournaments are proud of their cash prizes to winners and runners–up in all the categories. Men’s singles are also our next interesting category, where the winning player takes home the highest amount i.e. ₹7,000. But like other categories, the prize money also falls as we move down the ladder, to the player who stands in fourth place. The same prizes are allocated in each category also and hence this competition is a very productive one for the top performers.

A Community Event: Promoting Badminton in Gurgaon

Organized by MyGame Sports, a non-profit organization, the aim of this tournament is not to focus on competition alone but on the bigger picture. The club will try to spread badminton sports across the city of Gurgaon and create the same kind of unity among badminton lovers.

Looking for a Challenge? Here’s How to Register

The closing date for the registration to the MyGame Sports Open Badminton Tournament has been already. However, this report also includes activities that will interest the badminton players of Gurgaon in case they are looking out for upcoming events. With all that SportXPlus has to offer you, do not forget to tune in for upcoming badminton tournaments in the town.

Event Details:

  • Tournament Name: MyGame Sports’s Badminton Open Tournament.
  • Dates: 12th of April 2024 Friday – 14th of April 2024 Sunday.
  • Venue: Flow Sports Life Badminton Academy Gurgaon, Vipul Greens Internal Rd, Vipul World, Sector 48, Gurgaon, Haryana.

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