Virat Kohli’s IPL Interview on Star Sports Live, Sunil Gavaskar Schools the performance 0n April 28.

Sunil Gavaskar provides analysis for Star Sports, a news network, although he is not impressed. There is a relationship with Virat Kohli. Supporters recall when Virat Kohli made a comment in the IPL 2024 regarding his detractors’ criticism of his poor strike rate. It happened following the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) vs. Gujarat Titans (GT) opening IPL 2024 match on April 28.
“Those who discuss strike rates and my poor spin game are the ones who enjoy discussing these topics.” But all that matters to me is getting the team to win the game. After defeating GT in Ahmedabad, Virat Kohli stated in a post-match interview that “there’s a reason you do it for 15 years.”

I’m not sure whether you’ve ever had to sit and talk about the game from a box yourself. I don’t really think it’s the same thing,” Virat Kohli stated, addressing critics of his strike rate head-on.

Star Sports repeatedly aired Kinig Kohli’s “strike rate” interview during the RCB vs. GT match on May 4, which took place in Bengaluru. Sunny Gavaskar is not happy with the network.

The renowned cricket player chastised Star Sports for airing the interview “half a dozen times” during the RCB vs. GT match.

“Star Sports must realize that they have demonstrated this enough times. “The message was received by all,” stated Gavaskar.

“I’ll be devastated if Star Sports airs it again. That will be challenging each and every one of us pundits, not just Matthew Hayden and me, those inside the box, and those who came before us. You’re casting doubt on their experience and wisdom,” he remarked.

Regarding Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar

Simultaneously, Gavaskar chastised Virat for responding to critics’ criticism of his strike rate. “Observers only asked when the strike rate was… if you have a strike rate of 118 and you are eliminated in the 14th or 15th round… That’s a little bit different, if you want applause for that,” Gavaskar remarked.

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