Mitchell Starc or ‘The Expensive’ Starc – The 0/100 IPL Saga

Returning with figures of 0/100 in two matches, the IPL reunion of Mitchell Starc hasn’t been what he expected!

Mitchell Starc and his sour IPL reunion

Mitchell Starc is the name that sends chills down the spine of even the best of the batsmen. The Indian Premier League, with its big-money transactions, churns out high expectations which are usually associated with almost all the big signings. 

Such was the case with Mitchell Starc, the Australian speedster, who was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders (KRR) at an unbelievable 24.75 crores. However, despite his hefty cost and his fame as one of the famous fast bowlers in leagues of the world, Starc’s IPL cycle has not been the smoothest. In this blog, we study the saga of Mitchell ‘The Expensive’ Starc and his peculiar stint in IPL.

Mitchell Starc and the Hype Surrounding Him

Mitchell Starc’s selection in the IPL auction – after 8 long years of staying away from the marquee T20 league –  led to wild speculations among the cricket buffs, especially with KKR paying a hefty price to obtain the player. 

An incredibly fast pacer, with extreme yorkers and the innate ability to swing the ball on either side, Mitchell Starc was seen as the franchise’s best hope, and a nightmare for any batsman. His past excellence in international cricket and some previous outings in the IPL only went on to fuel the expectations around the day when he was to debut for KKR.

The Disappointing IPL Campaign

Despite all the momentum and hype, Mitchell Starc’s stint with KKR did not begin the way he would have expected. In both of his first matches for the franchise, Starc could not make a mark with the ball and was taken to remand by the batsmen. His figures of 100 runs and zero wickets in the scoresheets of two matches sent shockwaves around the cricketing society and raised queries about his effectiveness in the T20 format.

Analyzing Mitchell Starc’s Struggles

Several factors contributed to Mitchell Starc’s struggles in the IPL, chief among them being his lack of match practice and adjustment to the conditions in India. Having spent a considerable amount of time away from competitive cricket due to injury and international commitments, Starc found himself out of rhythm and struggling to find his groove in the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the IPL.

The Pressure of Expectations

The weight of expectations that accompanied Mitchell Starc’s record-breaking price tag only added to the pressure on his shoulders. With fans, pundits, and franchise owners expecting him to deliver match-winning performances, Starc seems to be under immense scrutiny every time he takes the field. The burden of living up to his billing as the marquee signing for KKR may have contributed to his inability to perform at his best.

Mitchell Starc in KKR

The Mental Toll

Cricket is as much a mental game as it is physical, and Mitchell Starc’s struggles in the IPL likely took a toll on his confidence and psyche. Conceding runs at an alarming rate and failing to pick up wickets can dent even the most resilient of players’ self-belief, leading to a vicious cycle of poor performances and dwindling confidence. Overcoming this mental barrier will be crucial for Starc to bounce back and redeem himself in the remainder of the tournament.

The Road to Redemption

Despite his early setbacks, Mitchell Starc has the talent and pedigree to turn his IPL campaign around and silence his critics. With the support of his teammates, coaching staff, and franchise management, he has the opportunity to rediscover his form and make meaningful contributions to KKR’s quest for success in IPL 2024. By focusing on the basics, staying patient, and backing his natural abilities, Mitchell Starc can rewrite the narrative of his IPL saga and emerge as a match-winner for his team.

Their next clash is with the Delhi Capitals at Vizag, and DC will be entering the match having defeated the defending champions Chennai Super Kings. But, Vizag will be the pitch that Mitchell Starc can use for his redemption and comeback. The last he was here, he picked up a 5-fer in an ODI match that lasted only 37 overs. So the ACA-VDCA pitch seems to be the perfect place for his most awaited return!


The saga of Mitchell Starc and his IPL performance serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of cricket and the challenges that even the best players face in the T20 format. While his struggles may have dominated headlines in the early stages of the tournament, Mitchell Starc has the talent and resilience to overcome adversity and make a significant impact for KKR in IPL 2024. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Starc as he seeks redemption and looks to rewrite his IPL legacy.

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