WWE RAW Before WrestleMania 40 – The Best and Worst You Should Know

The RAW before WrestleMania 40 had a lot to offer, at least in terms of beatdowns!

Worst and best of WWE RAW before WrestleMania

The WWE RAW before WrestleMania felt like it had everything. All the matches of the red brand got their final bit of buildup, and a lot of things were set up for the Show of the Shows, WrestleMania 40, to be held on April 6-7, 2024.

However, everything that we witnessed in the show was not great. There were certain hiccups and some moments that we had never expected to happen. In this blog, we summarize the top three best and worst things that happened on the go-home RAW before WrestleMania 40.

#3 Worst/Best – Ricochet shows up on WWE RAW but is missing from WrestleMania

Ricochet has been WWE’s one of the most popular high-flying superstars. His actions and stunts in mid-air have always been popular, and we expected him to get at least a match at the grandest pro wrestling event.

He was featured in the WWE RAW before WrestleMania, where he took on the powerful Ivar in a one-on-one match, showing incredible strength throughout. He hit Ivar with a Fallaway Slam before winning the match with a 630 Splash, his trademark move. Unfortunately, this didn’t set him up for WrestleMania 40 but for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Smackdown. 

The only positive thing is that his feud with The Judgement Day will continue. As per the news, Andrade is set to face the former Intercontinental champion, but this should happen only on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania. We hope this is a banger though.

#2 Worst – Dom-Dom’s days seem to be numbered

Speaking of The Judgement Day, Dirty Dom’s – or Dominic Mysterio’s – time with the group seems to be ending soon. In the recent WWE RAW episode, he was seen inviting Legado Del Fantasma to their clubhouse without any prior notice to the others. The group didn’t look pleased after this at all, with Damien Priest even calling out Dominic to the side to discuss (we hope).

The tension between each member of the group is clear, and this is even more evident with Dirty Dom first upsetting his “Mami” Rhea Ripley, and now the group as a whole. This makes it clear that certain huge changes are underway for The Judgement Day. What could be the changes? We will likely see Dom leaving the group and joining Santos Escobar’s faction permanently, which is most probably going to happen after WrestleMania.

Well, it will be a shame to see him leave his “family” after how close they have become recently, won’t it?

#2 Best – Early WrestleMania for Mami and The Man

We saw Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch confront each other in Ariel Helwani’s studio, but that didn’t seem quite promising.

But what happened at the RAW before WrestleMania 40 looks to be the best final buildup for Rhea and Becky’s WrestleMania contest. Both the women got into a huge brawl in the recent RAW episode despite GM Adam Pierce hiring security guards to keep them apart. The WrestleMania opponents tore into each other and didn’t leave the guards either. What followed was a continued brawl at the backstage as well.

With the anticipation through the roof regarding this match, the WWE RAW brawl served as the most appropriate final buildup!

#1 Worst – Is Chad Gable Going Rogue?

Chad Gable doesn’t seem to have overcome the bitterness of losing the IC Title to Gunther and losing his title rematch to Sami Zayn too. This seems to be evident after we saw The Alpha Academy elite take down the former Olympian off-camera on WWE RAW.

Though he has been seen training Sami Zayn for his IC Title match against Gunther at WrestleMania 40, it does seem that the title storyline is going to change a bit. Gable seems super interested in training Sami, but is there any ulterior motive behind it? While it does look like Gable still has control over his chances at WrestleMania, we hope he does not turn heel and keeps moving as a babyface until his most-awaited rematch for the IC Title.

#1 Best – Our Tribal Chief is finally back!

We all have indeed been waiting for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to show up and remind us of being a champion. The returning Rock has overshadowed him for over a month now, and our Tribal Chief has finally done something about that. He still feels like a level below the Final boss, but Roman has had a good outing at the WWE RAW.

After he and The Rock opened the show, it seemed like The Big Uce was going to leave the arena, but he showed up yet again in the main event. The Bloodline Rules match between Solo Sikoa and Seth Rollins resulted in a No Contest thanks to interferences from Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, The Rock, Cody Rhodes, and finally, the Tribal Chief.

What followed was complete chaos with The Rock and Roman laying down Seth and Cody with weight belts. Now that is a perfect preview for what’s going to happen at WrestleMania 40, and we can’t wait for the same.

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