“Sreesanth’s Resounding Endorsement: Hardik Pandya’s T20 World Cup Selection and the Formidable Partnership with Virat Kohli”

Former Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth has staunchly supported Hardik Pandya’s selection in the T20 World Cup squad, notwithstanding his recent form. He commended Pandya’s previous achievements and expressed confidence in the formidable partnership he forms with Virat Kohli, foreseeing it as a strategic asset for successfully pursuing imposing targets.

Sreesanth, the former Indian bowler, voiced his support for. Hardik Pandya‘s inclusion in the T20 World Cup team, emphasizing that the all-rounder’s pairing with Virat Kohli will create a formidable combination in chasing challenging totals. Despite Pandya’s recent form dip, his selection in the 15-man squad has sparked debate, but selectors have defended their choice based on his past performances and game-changing abilities with both bat and ball. Pandya’s surprise appointment as vice-captain for the ICC tournament in the United States and the West Indies has raised eyebrows, but Sreesanth, a stalwart of India’s bowling lineup akin to Kapil Dev, has given his endorsement to the decision.

“We have seen what he can do on the field minus this year’s IPL. The way he’s been batting and the way he’s been bowling, for the country, he even led the country in one series and we won,” Sreesanth remarked during a discussion on Star Sports. “It was asked to Rohit about that and he said sometimes I’m the captain and sometimes I’m not. But that doesn’t change the team’s aura and atmosphere. So, it’s one good thing that Hardik Pandya comes in and bats, especially when he’s chasing and Virat is on the other side, I think the combination they create is great.” Concluded Sreesanth.

Hardik Pandya’s most recent appearance for India dates back to an ODI World Cup match against Bangladesh in October 2023. Despite battling an ankle ailment, he recuperated well ahead of IPL 2024. However, the decision to appoint him as captain of the Mumbai Indians, replacing Rohit Sharma, faced significant backlash and criticism.

“Sreesanth Discusses Hardik Pandya’s Bowling Versatility and Form Resilience Amidst IPL Scrutiny”

Discussing Pandya’s bowling prowess, Sreesanth remarked, “Hardik can be effective with both the new ball and the old ball, especially against Pakistan, but his skills extend beyond just one opponent. We’ll be facing various teams, offering him ample opportunities to shine.” Addressing Pandya’s recent form slump in the IPL, Sreesanth suggested it’s a chance for him to reset and perform in the remaining matches.

Pandya’s inclusion faced scrutiny following a dip in form before IPL 2024. However, his swift recovery from an ankle injury and subsequent elevation as Mumbai Indians’ captain turned heads. Despite reservations, Sreesanth expressed unwavering faith in Pandya’s capacity to perform on the grand stage. “Having Hardik Pandya step up to bat, particularly during chase scenarios with Virat Kohli on the other end, forms a formidable combination,” remarked Sreesanth, highlighting their potential synergy.

“Tom Moody Echoes Sreesanth’s Confidence in Hardik Pandya’s Crucial Role for Team India”

Echoing Sreesanth’s sentiments, Tom Moody emphasized Pandya’s unique skill set and vital role in the Indian squad.”Name me three other people who can do what Hardik Pandya is doing. That’s the bottom line,” Moody stressed, underscoring the rarity of genuine all-rounders of Pandya’s caliber in Indian cricket. Moody praised the selectors’ decision to stand by Pandya, acknowledging his importance in maintaining team balance.

” I think he stands head and shoulders above anyone who is competing for that particular role. I think (chief selector) Ajit Agarkar has recognised that that is the case and we have to give him a longer rope with regards to his recovery, with regards to his form, and everything else, because he is a very precious commodity in this country,” Moody reaffirmed his stance, advocating for patience regarding Pandya’s recovery and form.

As the T20 World Cup approaches in the USA and the West Indies, the support from seasoned campaigners like Sreesanth and Moody strengthens confidence in the selectors’ choices and reaffirms the squad’s capability to shine on the global platform.

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